Sunday, June 22, 2008

New Quilt in Progress

It is almost time for Christmas in July at Tiny Stitches. The employees all make samples and kits with the new holiday fabrics. I found this very cute Scottie fabric and decided to make a child's quilt with it. I am using another of my sister's patterns that she created based on her Magical Slice and Dice pattern. I can't find it on her website right now. Her website is Two Wacky Women if you want to look at her patterns.

The pattern only calls for 3 fabrics but I decided that the stripe is perfect for the binding. I can't decide where to use the red bones and polka dots. One is the sashing and the other is the setting triangles.

I couldn't sleep last night so I cut out all the blocks. Here are 6 of them. It is interesting how different they look even though they are made from the same fabric. I pieced them before work this morning and can't wait to work more on it.

This is really going to be a cute quilt.

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  1. I like those fabrics. Those blocks are adorable.


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