Friday, June 27, 2008

300th Post - Pat Sloan at Guild Meeting

We had a great meeting today. Pat Sloan was the speaker and her husband/business partner was here with her. They have a wonderful hanging system set up to display her quilts and it is so well organized. Here is Greg hanging up one of the quilts, while Pat is describing it.

The next photo is of me at Show and Tell showing my table runner from Pat's book. I am teaching this on Monday.

The next photos are of me and Pat standing in front of her Times Remembered.
This first photo makes me laugh. It looks like Pat has a halo or crown around her head. After checking that one (don't you love digital cameras) we decided to take another.

Here we are right after the meeting, before Greg took everything down. Poor Greg, he disassembled everything while we took Pat to Ted's Montana Grill. We then went to Tiny Stitches where Greg met us. They were off to Little Quilts and then to see the Big Chicken.

I will draw the name for the give away either later today or tomorrow and will post the name of the winner in the next post.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog....I have been visiting yours every so often to see your quilts....Melinda

  2. wow. looks like yall had a GREAT time.

    i can't say how jealous i am that you got to have your picture taken with pat. tehehe.

    how exciting.

    i love your flying geese sew along.
    i posted pics of mine on my blog if you wanna check it out.


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