Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy Sewing and Quilting Day

I had a busy sewing day. I stopped at Target to pick up something and looked at their dish towels. I wanted to make another of the cute purses made from two dish towels. They didn't have much of a choice but as I was giving up, I found a two pack of white/blue towels.

This is so easy to make and really very cute. Next, I decided to make a couple of Steno Book covers.

This one is for me - every time I make myself one, I give it to someone. I am not going to give this one to anyone, I am going to use it myself. I also wanted to make one for Maetha. I made her one for Christmas and she uses it all the time so thought she might like another one.

It is made from bright, cheerful fabric and I had enough of the polka dot left that I made a screen bag from the leftover pet screen from the grocery tote that I made earlier in the week.

Then I decided to quilt the table runner that I made yesterday. I finished Charlotte's quilt and then got this quilted. I used a variegated green thread on all of it. I had thought to use black in the black and white in the white but decided the green looked good everywhere.

I just did a continuous curve with some circles in the sashing. It turned out as good as I had hoped.

Here is the back of the table runner where you can see the quilting better. It is lime green Fossil Furn.


  1. Wow! You did have a busy day. Congratulations on accomplishing so much. I love the back of your table runner, it looks like little pea pods running up and down your quilt.

  2. WOW what a productive day you had, and what fun goodies you created! I think I've had a productive day when I so much as LOOK at my sewing machine ;)

  3. Well. what a busy girl you've been! I think the quilting on your table runner looks great fun, almost as good on the back as on the front - reversible.


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