Sunday, June 15, 2008

2009 Retreat - Mardi Gras

We are starting to plan the guild retreat for March of 2009. Mary and I are the chairmen of the retreat. We decided to do a Mardi Gras theme. In 2008, we did a murder mystery where it turned out that I was the murderer. It was a great retreat and will be a hard act to follow.

When we went to Mary Jo's last month, we found a couple of different Mardi Gras fabrics. This one has a purple background with masks on it. We bought 14 1/2 yards. Not sure what we will be using it for but it is a great start.

After purchasing the mask fabric, we found the bead fabric. We bought what was left on the bolt which was about 7 yards.

I love both of these fabrics and they will be great to use for napkins, or something for the food tables as well as perhaps for the goodie bags that we are known for.

Each year we have a featured project - or two. We are trying to decide what to do for next year. We did form a quilt committee last week so hopefully we will have help deciding on a quilt.

We have been exchanging 2 1/2 inch strips of a different color each month at guild and Mary and I are trying to find a quilt pattern that will use many of them. Each person in the exchange now has 14 strips of purple, blue, green, brown, gold and red so far. Next month is orange. We do have two months of light neutrals and one of black prints to go also. Many of the patterns we have found so far only use 40 or so strips and we will have many more. Of course, we don't need to use all of them, especially on one quilt.

On the other hand, a Mardi Gras quilt sounds interesting. I have been googling Mardi Gras quilts and even bought a pattern and found a book by Billie Lauder that I will probably pick up. Hopefully we will come up with a plan soon.

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