Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today was the monthly board meeting at guild.  Everything went fine and then we went out to lunch.  We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and I had Rolled Tacos with beans.  Yum!

It snowed almost all day but there was no accumulation.  It was more like snow mist, not even showers but it stayed cold all day.  We are getting tired of this cold winter.  It has consistently below normal for weeks and today was more than 20 degrees below normal.  I don’t think it got above freezing when normal is in the high 50’s.  I guess we have El Nino to thank for the strange weather.

Here is a little peak at the secret project progress.


Also, I have noticed a lot of color wheels on the web recently and thought I would post a photo of one I made at a retreat a few years ago.

It hangs in my sewing room and I usually don’t even realize it was there.  While working on my green/black quilt, I noticed it and thought I would post it.  As I recall, we made it using Quiltsmart interfacing.  I should look it it more often.


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  1. What a great idea for the color wheel. I need one.


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