Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feathered Star Finished, Done, Complete!

OK – I made a new star for the center of the of the feathered star block and it is finished!  Done!  Complete! Not making any more changes!

I made a liberated (ala Gwen Marsten) star for the center and I am happy with it.  I got it sewn in, the borders on the block and it now measures 24 1/2 and is ready to be the center of my quilt.  All the other blocks are done and now the border is next.  I have been thinking of a pieced border but I probably should just have my head examined instead.  If I give in to my impulse and start the pieced binder, I need to cut squares from all the green to start.

I am so glad to have this finished.  I hope to start putting it together soon since it is still my January UFO.  I have better hope for my February one.



  1. Anonymous2:07 PM


    Hi, I love this feathered star!

  2. oh it's gorgeous-I knew it would be, I've been watching and waiting the start in the center is perfect!

  3. should check my spelling before submitting--I meant the STAR in the center.....

  4. Your star in a star looks as if it was meant to be this way from the very beginning! Perfect choice - can't wait to see whatever border you decide on. You go, girl!

  5. The center star looks great. I have wanted to try that star...another one on the list.

  6. I love it and i think it looks amazing!

  7. Unique and beautiful -- it suits you perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love your choice of center. Woo hoo! You're done!


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