Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beginners Class – Morning Flying Geese

Today is the 5th session of the 6 week beginner class.  We are going to take a break next week and have the last session in two weeks.  At that point they will put their quilt tops together.

Today we focused on making flying geese.  There are many different ways of making flying geese but for this class I use Marti Michell’s flying geese ruler.  I don’t usually make my flying geese with this ruler but do use it on the occasion that I only need one flying geese block.  It seems that most of the time I am wanting to make more than one so I used the make four at a time method.

Here are some of the blocks that were made today.


Didn’t they do a great job?

About the feathered star.  I made a block for the center yesterday and hated it.  Of course I had already sewn it together.


It is just too busy so I took it out and am going to try again.  If my next idea doesn’t work, I will just put a plain green center and and call it done.



  1. Yes, a great job with the flying geese. I love that quilting block, just gorgeous and adds so much to a quilt.

  2. Hi Melinda - Like the churn dash.
    I think it would look betting with a black center, either one piece or pieced. It's too much green for the block. I think I used a snowball for mine, with a neat print. Barb T.

  3. I think your idea is good one Melinda.


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