Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Day at the Quilt Shop

Today was the third Saturday and that means another round of Saturday Sampler.  We had a lot of women and a few men at the shop.  During one of the busiest times, some of the local Gone With the Wind fans came in.  They wanted to buy more Gone With the Wind fabric to make curtains and a quilt from.  I think we have sold more Gone With the Wind fabric to non-sewers than we have to quilters.

One of my favorites is a guy with this wonderful hat.  I asked him if it would be OK to take a photo of it.

See all the pins on the hat?  It was amazingly heavy with all the pins.  Each pin is from a Gone With the Wind event that he has been to.  He was buying fabric to make curtains for his Gone With the Wind room.  He also bought 8 yards of another GWTW fabric.  I think he was having a quilt made and the 8 yards is for the backing.

Also, one of my students from an earlier beginners class brought her finished quilt by for show and tell.  Here it is.

Didn’t she do a great job!

Lastly, a Mother/Daughter came in and they were picking out fabrics for a neutral Blooming Nine Patch.  When Pat Wys came to guild last year, this is one of the favorite quilts she showed and several guild members have talked about making a version of it.  She also had a all neutral log cabin quilt that is wonderful.  Her pattern is called White Chocolate.

Here are the fabrics they picked out.

They bought an eighth of each fabric to play with and will be back tomorrow to buy enough to make a quilt.  Should be a great quilt when finished.


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  1. Love the idea of an all neutral quilt. I would like a log cabin one. Oh, some day...........


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