Thursday, February 04, 2010

Beginners Friendship Star Blocks

Yesterday we moved on to learning half square triangles and making Friendship Star blocks.  Alex Anderson has you cutting 2 7/8 inch squares, cutting them on the diagonal and sewing the triangles together.  We cut 3 inch squares, drew a line on the diagonal and sewed 1/4” on each side of the line.  They then cut them apart, pressed them and trimmed to 2 1/2”.  Much easier, especially for beginners.  The blocks that resulted from this were wonderful.

Next week we will learn to make flying geese blocks, then take a week off and the last class is putting the quilt top together.  I can hardly wait.

I just noticed that one star is spinning the other direction.  Hopefully she will make all of hers the same way and it won’t matter at all.



  1. Very nice..evening the "spinning out of control" one. Gotta love that she made her's different.

  2. They really are nice blocks.

  3. So much better to make it slightly larger and then trim down. Great blocks!


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