Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow is melting – Mail is good

We decided not to open the quilt shop on time this morning because of the snow/ice.  By 11:30, it looked like it was safe to venture out so off I went – slowly up the hill and made it to the main street with no real problem.  Once I got on the main street, it was clear sailing all the rest of the way to the shop.

Once I got there, the phone started to ring off the hook.  Yesterday, Maetha talked to Bonnie Hunter and she agreed to come to Tiny Stitches for a brief lecture and trunk show on Sunday, February 28th.  Bonnie sent the information out to her Yahoo group and put it on her blog.  We put it out to our email list and put it on the Tiny Stitches website.

Apparently people do read the emails because we filled up the open spots for Bonnie’s visit by 2:30 today.  Maetha then talked to Bonnie and we scheduled two sessions instead of just one.  There is still room in the later session.

Thought I would also mention some mail I received yesterday.  First from Barb was this

Selvages!  Bright and colorful selvages.  Thank you again Barb!

Then from my sister Robin came this

A very cute Raggedy Ann and Andy stitchery pattern.  It even has buttons included.



  1. Hasn't this snow been something? 6" in South Alabama is unheard of. Our quilt shop had a sale on Thursday which worked well as everything was closed on Friday.

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I was going to come by and bug you tomorrow and take a spot in the talk. Save a space for me!

  3. Thanks Melinda for visiting my blog and become a follower. I signed to your too. Wow, you are such a great quilter. I'm glad I've met you. All the quilting you do and work in a quilt shop too. Have a great day - Hugs

  4. I thought the pattern was cute and it reminded me of you. Hope you like it.


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