Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tiny Stitches Holiday Party

I can’t believe I forgot my camera last night for our holiday party.  Everyone looks so nice all dressed up.  As I said before, we drew names for a gift exchange and the rules said that the gifts should be homemade.  I can’t believe the talent of this group of women.

Stella liked the Quilt in a Cup and tote bag I made for her.  Karen had my name and I had the most wonderfully packaged gifts I have ever seen.  I hated to open it.  It was a stack of boxes, each wrapped with lovely gold ribbon.  It was beautiful but the things in the packages were even better.

This was in the top (smallest) box.  Look at the beautiful initial she embroidered on it in my favorite lime green.

She added this Christmas ornament – look at the lime green!

Here is the other wonderful gift she made for me.

It is made out of some of my favorite line of fabrics – I made a quilt from this line earlier in the year.  I don’t think you can see but the scrap/trash bag has pleats on the front.  The pin cushion is filled with sand or something heavy so it won’t slip off the table.  She even added some non-slip stuff on the back.  There are beads and crystals on the pin cushion also.  There is a pocket in the bag to hold scissors or seam ripper.  It is the most beautiful one I have ever seen and it is all mine.

Some of the other gifts were wall hangings, knitted scarves and shawls, beaded necklaces, embroidered items, a miniature quilt, covered baskets and lots of other wonderful things.  This was the best gift exchange we have done.

In addition, Maetha ( the shop owner) ordered handmade baskets for each of us from Dawn.  Her business is called Baskets by Dawn.  Here is the basket I brought home. 

Lastly, Joyce made each of us a new nametag in our favorite color.  Here is mine.


We had a good year at the shop and a wonderful party to celebrate the season.

I opened up my Advent gift for today and here it is.

I don’t think you can tell but it is a folding shopping bag.  Great gift!  I sent a pattern using honeybuns.


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