Monday, December 21, 2009

Apron from Guild Holiday Party

I realized today that I had not posted a photo of the apron I received from the apron swap at the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild holiday party earlier this month.  I made the selvage apron and Bella and I were matched up to exchange aprons.  I think she was pleased with the apron I made and I was very pleased with the apron that Bella made for me.

It is made from embroidered denim and is very comfortable to wear.  It should wash up easily so it will be an apron that I actually use frequently.  I love that it has a pocket also.  That gives me a place to hold my MP3 player while I quilt.



  1. That is a delightful apron! Karmen

  2. What a good idea to have a pocket for an MP3 player. That might make aprons popular again! This one looks nice and comfy. Maybe you need to make another selvage apron for you to keep. We quilters have plenty of ideas of things to make, don't we? Hugs,


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