Monday, December 07, 2009

Tiny Stitches Holiday Dinner Tonight

Tonight is the staff dinner at Aspens Steak House– a wonderful local restaurant that is only about one mile from my house.  We always choose names for a gift exchange and over the years, this had turned into a gift card exchange.  Well, if everyone is getting a gift card, we might as well buy our own from a store we enjoy.  This year we have a new rule – you must make the gift.

All the staff have been busy planning their gifts.  I got Stella’s name and she loves batiks.  Last time we worked together, she saw my Quilt in a Cup and really liked it so I decided to make one for her. 

As you might be able to tell, I used a variety of batiks for her cup.  The cup is large and not convenient to carry so I decided to make a bag for her to tote it around in.

The cup fits inside perfectly – even enough room for a small snack beside it.  I love the batiks I used for the bag.  I also found 4 interesting buttons, all different that I used to hold the handles in place.  I used QuiltSmart interfacing to make this bag.  It is the Smart Bag.  I am excited about giving it to her tonight.

Also, I opened up another Advent gift.  I got more chocolate, this time with hot pepper in it!  I am saving it for later.  Today Doriana will be opening a list pad.

Can’t wait to see what I receive  tonight and what is in tomorrow’s Advent gift.


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