Tuesday, December 01, 2009

President’s Quilt

Today was the last guild meeting of the year and we had an amazing turnout.  I gave out my little gifts to all the officers and committee chairs and they were well received.  I gave each one a selvage pin cushion – I ended up making over 25 of them.  Fortunately I still have a few left for last minute presents.  I also made a beaded scissor fob for each of them with their name on it.  Unfortunately, only 6 of them got the scissors to attach them to since they were backordered and won’t be in for a couple of weeks.  I had to give IOUs to most of the group.

They made me a quilt!  A wonderful quilt.  It is traditional to make a quilt for the outgoing President and the one that was made for me is perfect.  Of course, I also got elected to be President for a second year but that is another story. I love polka dots, bright colors and lime green – see what they did with that!

The background is white with lots of colored dots on it.  To top it all off, the backing is lime green polkadots!

Michelle did a wonderful job of quilting it.  Only another longarmer can understand how exciting to get a quilt – quilted by someone else.  There are signatures and inspirational sayings written all over it.  I love it!



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