Thursday, December 17, 2009

Selvage Pin Cushion Winners

I had 16 people comment for the pin cushion giveaway.  I have three pin cushions already made but have decided that I will make more and each of you will get a pin cushion.  There are a few with no-reply so I can’t send an email to each of you.  If you commented on this post, send me your name and address and I will put a pin cushion in the mail to each of you.  The first three will get their pin cushion right away and the rest of you may have to wait until after Christmas, when I can get them made.

I love getting comments and appreciate each one of you.  Please do send me your addresses so I can send you a pin cushion.

I have been very busy finishing quilting the last of the Christmas Quilts – almost done.



  1. that is so nice of you to send one to everyone who commented! They are adorable.
    a wonderful RAK

  2. I agree with Kathie that you are being very nice to send out pincushions to everyone who commented.

  3. What a sweet, generous thing to do. I'm sure all 16 recipients will be thrilled.

  4. You are so sweet. What a nice Christmas surprise. I'm so excited, my first on line giveway. Thank you so much!

  5. What a nice thing to do!

  6. Yahoo! I was one of the 16 who commented. I'm thrilled!!! How generous ! I'll e-mail you my address. We're planning a field trip to shops on your end on Monday. Hoping to make a stop at Tiny Stitches! Are you working on Monday?

    Take care,

  7. I see angels run in the family.

  8. OHMYGOSH! Melinda- you are soooo sweet! I feel like I just won the lottery! Since I own a quilt shop, I don't enter giveaways for products. It just doesn't seem fair. I give things away all the time on my blog, but I've never won anything. I entered this because your little pin cushions were just toooo cute! I'll treasure it- thank you SO much!


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