Monday, December 28, 2009

Design Wall Monday

I finished the rest of the blocks for the Black and White Quilt and they are on my design wall waiting to be sewn into a top.  This is a very easy quilt but because of the black and white it is quite striking.  If you would like to see other design walls this Monday you can look here at Judy’s blog.

The blacks look kind of gray in the photo but it is much more dramatic in real life.

I am going to go try to sew them together and maybe I can get the borders on tonight.  I stopped at the shop and got an extra wide for the back.  I love when I can get a back that I don’t have to piece.

Hopefully I will have the top finished to show tomorrow.



  1. Looks just beautiful! Love it in the Black and white.

  2. Love your quilt - and will look for the final top. How big is it/ what size are the blocks? I always wanted to make a black & white quilt, but haven't done one yet. This might just be the pattern!

  3. It's lovely. I hope to get back to sewing soon.

  4. One of my favorite blocks and I love it in the black and white!

  5. They all look great!! Very cool!


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