Friday, November 20, 2009

Quilt in a Cup Finished

I worked on my Quilt in a Cup this morning.  My wonderful sister Robin sent it to me on my birthday.  It is very simple to make the quilt for the inside but it is always helpful to actually read the directions.  My father used to always tell us that when all else fails, read the directions.  Not that this is complicated but the directions were helpful.  By the way, just because I did read the directions, I didn’t actually follow them.  The directions call for the quilt to be glued into the cup.  I didn’t do that since it can’t move once it is in the cup, I couldn’t see any reason to get the glue out.  Besides, this way I can change the quilt if I want to.

Of course I used some of my selvages to make the cup.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that keep me supplied with selvages. First, here is the box that the cup came in.

  and what it looks like now.

It is a large cup/glass and has a built in straw.  It will be perfect to use for water/tea/lemonade at the shop and at home.  At least no one should be able to pick it up thinking it is their drink.

I love my birthday present – thank you Robin!  Next up is my Quilt in a Clipboard.  I can hardly wait to get it done.



  1. I love it. I use mine all the time.

  2. That is beautiful! I need to look into getting one!

  3. Very nice Melinda. Love it with the selvages. I think I too need to get mine out and make it. Now which of my new fabrics to use.

  4. Love the cup. I want to get one..guess that means a road trip for me. What days do you work? Or do you ever NOT work?


  5. That is so you, carry it with you at all times. Very cute!!!!!


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