Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fiber Art Fusion Round Robin

I belong to a local art quilt group called Fiber Art Fusion.  About a year ago, we completed our first round robin and we are about to start the second one.  We start with a 9x12 piece of Timtex and cover it with something.  Each month it goes to the next person and they add to it.  Last time there were no rules about what you could add but this time we decided we would make a list of possible techniques and pass it along with each piece.  Once a technique is used, it is crossed off the list and no one else can use it on that piece.

Last time, people did what they were most comfortable with and frequently did the same thing on every piece.  This will require us to stretch ourselves a little more since once beading is added to a piece, no one else can bead, or embroider if that is already done.  We came up with a very long list of techniques so it shouldn’t be a problem to find something interesting to add even if you are one of the last people to get a piece.

Here is my starting piece from last time.

My RR start

It is just a single piece of fabric fused to the Timtex.

Here is what it looks like now after everyone worked on it.

It really turned out well.

Here is the one I am starting with this time.

Selvages, of course.

This is a very busy start to the round robin but hopefully it will look even better at the end of the year.


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  1. I sure like last years and this years will be totally different.


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