Monday, November 23, 2009

Jan’s Quilt Quilted

I have had Jan’s quilt for far too long but it is done and she is pleased with it.  I delivered  it to her today.  Here are some photos of it and the quilting on it.

Isn’t it beautiful?  There is a little secret about it.  It is a cheater cloth.  Jan does absolutely beautiful appliqué but this quilt does not have a single bit of appliqué on it.  She did some piecing to put the borders on it but no appliqué.  It turned out great and looks like a lot more work than it was – at least on Jan’s part.  For my part, it was a lot of work but well worth it for the result.



  1. wow, I thought it was applique!

  2. Yup, had me fooled. Love it and love your quilting. I can sure see all the work that went into it.

  3. I have admired that Terri Clothier Thompson cheater cloth for did it proud!

  4. Fabulous! I never would have known!

  5. Your quilting is BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Your quilting really is the star here! I thought it was applique too.

  7. must have been fun to work on such a pretty quilt.
    your pincusions look great.


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