Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sew In Day at Guild

Once a quarter we have an all day sew in at the Allatoona Guild.  Today was the one for this quarter.  It is nothing fancy, we start at 8:30 in the morning and go until about 8:00 at night.

As usual, I packed too many projects to work on in only one day but I did get a lot done.  Piecemakers yearly block swap is due on Monday and although I cut the blocks weeks ago, I finally sewed them together today.

0609 Swap Blocks

They are only 6 inches and will be signed in the middle.  We will be exchanging 19 of them and donating one to make a charity quilt.  I can’t figure out what I can do with 19 6-inch blocks.  I will certainly have to add more blocks to these to make a decent sized quilt – maybe I should do a table runner instead.

Each block will have black on white in the same positions, along with the white on black.  Where I have the lime green, others will be using other bright colors.  I know there is orange and pink coming. 

We meet on Monday at the church and will exchange the blocks so will have new ones to show you then.

Next I decided to put together my mystery quilt that I started in January.  I had made all the blocks but didn’t get them sewn together.  I had everything in a box.  That is everything except the directions.

Lisa helped me lay it out two different ways.

0609 Kaffe Seting 2

0609 Kaffe Setting 1

I decided I liked the second one better so sewed them together and here it is now that it is done.  Excuse the blue tape holding it on the wall for picture taking.

0609 Kaffe Mystery

It still needs a couple more borders.  I finally figured out what the next border is, made the center block for the border.  I then sewed it on upside down.  At that point, I decided it was time to go home!  I did remove the border that was wrong so I won’t have to do that when I pick it up again.

Now that I am home, I will try to locate the pattern and see what I have done wrong so far.  Not that I will change it but it might be interesting to know if I designed a new setting or remembered it correctly.


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  1. Sew in..sounds like a blast. That mystery quilt is SPECTACULAR..I love it..I want to steal it.



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