Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BOM Day at Allatoona Guild

We spent the day working on our block of the month quilt at guild this morning.  I have gotten behind (what else is new!) so started working on the first of many star blocks.  This wasn’t the one that was taught today but instead I started with the first one taught a couple of months ago.

0609 Double Sawtooth Star 1

0609 Double Sawtooth Star 2

This block is a double sawtooth star and I made two very scrappy blocks.  Scrappy blocks take more time because you have to cut so many different fabrics just for one block.  I started scrappy so I guess I need to continue scrappy.  Of course I thought I could make several blocks today but no way.  These two took me until lunch time and slightly beyond.  At least they turned out nice.

Several people were working on their center feathered star block.  I haven’t started it yet but it is on the list.

0609 Feathered Star 1

0609 Feathered Star 2

0609 Feathered Star 3

0609 Feathered Star 4

Tina has been teaching this block over several months with just a small part being done each month.  I am planning on making it all at once when I finally get around to it.

Part of the fun of going to guild each Tuesday is seeing what other people are working on.  First Chris brought a 1930’s quilt in that she had purchased on vacation.  I love the applique, colors and quilting on this.

0609 Chris - Antique Quit

We exchanged black and white 10 inch squares earlier in the year and this is what Barb did with them.  Doesn’t it look great! I still haven’t decided what to do with mine.

0609 Barb - Black, White and Red

I also got a photo of her block for the BOM.  This is the block we were supposed to be working on.

0609 Barb - Star Block

Tonight I am going to see Carrie Nation and listen to her presentation and see her trunk show.  Should be fun.  I am taking my camera so hopefully will have something to show later.



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  1. I can't wait to come to your guild!! Wonderful blocks. Ya'll really have it goin' on.

    Enjoyed Carrie so much last night. Blogin today.



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