Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Community Service Day at Guild

We had our quarterly community service day at guild today.

0609 Community Service 1 0609 Community Service 2

We had a lot of donated fabric and we made receiving blankets for a local organization.  That didn’t take very long so we then worked on cutting up kits from other donated fabric to use to make other charity quilts.

We had meatball sandwiches and several deserts.  Someone brought a chocolate swirl angel food cake so I had a little slice of it (of course it is non fat).  I am still trying to stick to Weight Watchers so I took my own frozen dinner and ate that + the cake, of course.

Look at the wonderful present that Cindy brought to me.  Her daughter sent it to her along with her birthday present all the way from Japan.  Cindy had one and since I admired it, she got one for me.  Isn’t it wonderful to have such great thoughtful friends.

0609 From Cindy

0609 From Cindy 2

The handles can be put on the fork and spoon or on the chopsticks and the parts snap into the little case so you can carry your eating implements with you.  Since we are trying to urge everyone to bring their own plates and silverware for meals at guild, this is perfect.  Now I need to make a small bag to carry a plate, cup and napkin and then I will be all set.

Our theme for our next retreat is “Going Green” so things like this are perfect!




  1. You need to check out Terry Atkinson's blog today.


    She has a little bag that might be just the perfect size for your spoon, fork and chopstick container. Plus the Minnesota designers are having a blog hop. Hop on over to see it! Bonnie in the Poconos.

  2. Oh yeah...what a great guild idea. I'm sooo impressed.


  3. Your lunch sounds great. Ummmm. Meatball sandwiches.


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