Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carrie Nelson and Miss Rosie

I went up to Cartersville yesterday evening to see Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie fame. 

0609 Carrie Nelson

Her trunk show and presentation were great.  She had a lot of quilts to show and each one was nicer than the last one.  I bought this pattern during the Georgia Quilt Show that we vended at last year and have been trying to decide what fabrics I would like to do it in.  I am not a country colors type of person so know I have to brighten it up.

0609 Come on to my house

Here are a few others that I particularly liked.

0609 Due South

0609 Pink Quilt

0609 Quilt 2

0609 Quilt 3

0609 Star Quilt

0609 Quilt 1

Maetha was also there and here is a photo of her with Carrie.

0609 Carrie and Maetha

Lastly, we sat with Pat and Melissa (Sweet Home Quilt Shop).  Maetha took this photo of me and Pat.

0609 Pat and Melinda

Today I taught the third session of the Beginning Machine Piecing Class and forgot my camera.  We made log cabin blocks and they both did a great job.  This afternoon I finished another customer quilt and started a second for the same quilter.

Tomorrow is two classes of Blooming Nine Patch, one of my favorite quilts plus I hope to finish putting the lovers knot quilt together.  I need to buy backing for it so I can get it quilted and in the shop.





  1. Your pictures put me to shame..I didn't take as many as you did. What fun it was. We will have to get together and "play" sometime soon.

    Oh By the way. I have made 5 Bloomin 9 patch quilts.I would love for you to see my king size all neutral one. It is so gorgeous your students might like to see it as well. I'll get a photo and send it to you.

    ps. Tricia made one too

  2. Love the quilts from Cartersville. They are exactly the style & colors I love to work with. I'm new to the blogging community and happy to have found you. I live in TN and have visited Tiny Stitches several times, but I so hate the traffic!! I'll be checking in often.

  3. Carrie's quilts are is her presentation! I know I really enjoyed seeing her trunk show last March!


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