Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lover’s Knot and an exciting day at the quilt shop

I teach a monthly class at Tiny Stitches that I call Beyond Beginners.  I use a Pat Sloan book called I Can’t Believe I’m Quilting Beyond the Basics.  She has five different quilt projects in the book and this month we are working on lesson five which is all about curved piecing.

The pattern uses charm squares or yardage so I picked out charm squares from the Moda line called Pack Your Bags.  I got lime green as my contrast color – surprised?  I got started this morning and pieced 8 of the 36 blocks required.  I had forgotten how much fun it is to do curved piecing.  I really enjoyed making the blocks and plan to do a few every day until I get enough for the top. 

0609 Lover's Knot block 

I worked at Tiny Stitches today and it was very busy.  There were customers waiting in the parking lot when I arrived 1/2 hour before we opened and 3 ladies from Texas were still there 10 minutes after closing time.  They had rushed to make it so we didn’t want to rush the out of there.

Here is an example of the excitement at the quilt shop on a Sunday afternoon.

0609 Exciting Day at the Quilt Shop 

They were both sound asleep waiting for their wives to finish shopping.  I hope their necks don’t hurt this evening.




  1. LOL! Those men look hilarious! You now need pillows and quilts for them. Our men are so wonderful.

  2. I happen to know that those seats are pretty comfortable, LOL but I don't know about falling asleep in them! Did they even know you took their picture?

    I love your Lover's Knots blocks. At first glance I had wondered if you had pieced the ovals in and when you said curved piecing my question was answered. The lime green is a natural for you!


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