Monday, June 29, 2009

Beyond Beginner Class

I taught the last lesson in my Beyond Beginner series tonight.  We focused on curved piecing like in the Lover’s Knot quilt that I posted earlier.  As usual, they all had different fabrics but they all looked great.  I discovered that I need to have them cut in class as curved cutting is a difficult skill to acquire.

A couple of students did their cutting before class and had problems putting their blocks together.  We cut templates out of plastic and I think they will do better.  I did manage to take photos of two of the students blocks but didn’t get ones from the other two.

0609 Sherry - Curved Piecing

0609 Stephanie - Curved

Curved piecing is a little tricky but I think it is so much fun.  I hope they all stick with it enough to finish their quilts.


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