Sunday, January 11, 2009

Retreat Report

Amicacola Falls park is a beautiful place and was great for the retreat. I took lots of photos and so did Henry so will be posting some of them over the next few days.

Here is the view out of the back of the windows of the lodge at sunset on the first day. Friday had beautiful weather, Saturday was raining and then today it was very cold. Lots of weather differences in just a few days.

Here is a photo that Henry took of my friend Danielle and me. She was my roommate and a big help. This was actually taken today while we were cleaning up the room to get ready to come home.

We ended up with 43 women, plus Maetha and me and Linda, who came along and did massages. Henry (Mathea's husband) came along and did a lot of work including moving lots of sewing machines and suitcases but didn't sew. I had only planned on 40 but we were easily able to add the extras with little problem.

The room was 30 feet by 75 feet so we had plenty of room for everyone. It was a great location and the attendees loved it so much that we have reserved the room for next year and most of them want to sign up again.

More photos and stories will follow.

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  1. That sunset photo vaguely reminds me a a quilt I saw somewhere ;)


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