Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fiber Art Fusion

The first meeting of 2009 of my Fiber Art Fusion group met at Tiny Stitches on Tuesday. Mary Akers led the group for the evening and we drew in charcoal. This is the first time I have ever worked like this.

I don't consider myself an artist and am very uncomfortable with drawing and especially showing my feeble attempts. Mary is a great teacher and wonderfully supportive.

First she put out a Christmas cactus on the table and told us to draw it without lifting the charcoal from the paper. This is what I came up with.

Not too bad - it doesn't look like a Christmas cactus but does look like a scary plant.

Next she set up a couple of still lifes for us to work on. The first exercise was using form - we covered the paper with charcoal and then used form to draw what we saw.
Not sure if you can tell that besides a bottle of wine, there were two bananas, an apple, a couple of oranges and a mug.

Next we did a line drawing of the same still life. This time I tried to add the tablecloth.

I really enjoyed the evening. I still don't feel like an artist but I had a great time and want to do some more drawing. Usually the only drawing I do is practicing designs for my logarm quilting - that always looks better in thread than it does in my drawings.

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