Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Block of the Month - Month 1

Today was the first day of our 2009 Block of the Month. Tina had the first two rows of her quilt done and hung up for everyone to admire. As you can see, she is doing a very scrappy quilt using various reds along with whites and beiges.

We had a full house today. Of course, this is the first month but this is a quilt that I think everyone can actually keep up with.

The next two photos are of some of the group working on their blocks.

There are many different color choices being used. I saw several red and white/beige quits being started, along with purple and white, blue and white, gold and beige, turquoise and white and various others.

I don't think anyone else is doing a quilt with a dark background. I am pleased with my choice so far.
We were supposed to have some homework done before today's meeting but I didn't get it done so I started by cutting 48 3-1/2 inch square of green and black, along with 24 6-1/2 inch squares of black. These will make 12 double four patch blocks which will form the chain around the feathered star.

I got most of the four patches done and have a couple of photos of what my double four patches will look like.

The greens look great with the different blacks.

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