Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Retreat in Two Days

I have been busy getting everything ready for the retreat. It starts on Friday and I am almost ready. My printer printed off 5 pages of labels for the goodie bags and then decided to eat the next three sheets. I finally gave up, put the info on a flash drive and went to the shop to use the printer there. Thankfully, it printed everything out just fine.

Here are all 44 bags, with labels on them. almost ready to go. I still need to add a bottle of water and a few chocolate kisses. I hope everyone likes them. I will get a photo of the contents at the retreat.

Next I need to insert the name tags in the holders, put a Tiny Stitches pin on them and finish up the mystery directions. Of course, they need labels also.


  1. Wow! Lucky retreat goers! Hope you have fun at the retreat!

  2. Your retreat sounds like so much fun. What all did you put into the goodie bags?


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