Friday, January 02, 2009

New Fabric=New Quilt?

Look at the new fabric that came in the shop today! I love it!

For the retreat next week, we are doing a mystery quilt. Although I know what the quilt looks like so that it is not a mystery to me, I think I might make it.

The fabric requirements call for a focus fabric, background and a dark, a medium and a light. I think I will use these fabrics. From the left, first is the focus fabric, next is the backing, then the light, dark, background and medium.

I have been helping people select their fabrics and I keep telling them that they need fabrics that don't fight with the focus. I explain that there can only be one star and that the others need to be the backup singers. Now I am planning on breaking the rules and choosing fabrics that all are active and fight with each other. I think it will turn out great and be kind of like a blended quilt on steroids.

Since I am the facilitator at the retreat, I am not sure I will have any time to actually sew but I think I will get this fabric cut just in case.

I still have one border to sew on the green/brown and then the top will be finished. I need to do that later tonight so that it can be shown at Saturday Sampler in the morning. I will then get it quilted, hopefully next week.

1 comment:

  1. i think that they are lovely.
    can't wait to see your mystery quilt.


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