Friday, January 30, 2009

QuiltSmart Bag

I made this little bag a couple of days ago. It is made with QuiltSmart interfacing and is called the Smart Bag. You only need two fat quarters to make the bag. It is a good size for a lunch bag. We are going to have a class for young girls and I think this is a good project for them.

I see that they have a new pattern called Market Bag that I would like to make. I need to find it somewhere since I don't really want to buy it for the shop until I see how it is made up. Has anyone seen this product?


  1. Great bag. Sorry I'm not going to be any help with the other one.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. I am making the Quiltsmart Market Bag right now. Quite literally. And their instructions leave a LOT to be desired. They need a copy editor AND a tech writer, because it isn't making any sense. =-)

  3. I've got the pattern and just made the bag. I agree with Amy. Directions are horrible. They have updated the printed interfacing with the pleat lines, but my local quilt shop (LQS)only had the "old" version.

    Some issues I had:
    1 - It says its reversible. So I fused the interfacing to the lining fabric. That ended up being the outside so when I reversed it, my turning hole ended up on the outside of the bag. I was not happy.

    2 - When I did the pleats it says to fold two inches from the end. But how deep is the pleat? My bag ended up very oddly shaped. The new additional directions did not address the pleat issue at all, except to say they have new interfacing.

    My LQS's shop sample ignored the pleats all together and it is much better.

    My friend I gave it to, gets lots of compliments on it in spite of it's issues! I used a cute amy butler fabric and it's adorable. I want her to give it back to me so I can take out the pleats, and then do a blind stitch to sew the hole closed so it doesn't look so bad.

    Give it a try, and hopefully with the added directions it will be a bit more clear and if you order the interfacing, be sure you get the NEW stuff not the old....

  4. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Mandy from Quiltsmart here. Thank you for sharing your completed Smart Bag! As for the feedback on the Market Bag; due to great feedback such as seen here, the interfacing has been re-done. We continue to strive to make our products as user friendly as possible :) However, if you do happen to have the old interfacing, please feel free to call us 541-241-7544, email or contact us through Facebook. We're always happy to help! If you are unable to get the Market Bag pattern from your local quilt shop, you can always purchase it online at Hope this helps. Thanks again for sharing, and if you don't already, please feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter :)


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