Sunday, August 03, 2008

Elm Creek Club Today

Today was the monthly Elm Creek club at Tiny Stitches. We have been assigning 4-6 blocks every month and most of us have not been keeping up but at least we have a direction to head towards.

This is one of Roxanne's blocks. She was having a challenge getting the pieces of this block the right size. It was her birthday (and she brought a birthday cake to share) and she finally got the block done and done very well.

While Pat was out doing a little shopping, we got a chance to look at her binder of finished blocks.

While most of us are behind - she is ahead.

Don't you love the colors she is working with.

This is one of my favorite blocks. I absolutely love grandmothers flower garden blocks.

This is another block that I really like - her handles are so nicely done.

Pat said this is one of the hardest ones she has made so far. It sure looks great and lays perfectly flat!

Tomorrow is my first week weigh-in at Weight Watchers. It has been pretty easy to stay on the program but I do realize that I need to plan more for the weekends when I work. I am too tired when I get home to make good decisions and fix good food.

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