Saturday, August 09, 2008

Americana Quilt

I made this quilt several years ago and it has been hanging over a door for quite a long time. It is bright and cheerful and I think I might donate it for a soldier's quilt. I have always called it a picnic quilt but since we never go on picnics we really don't need one.

We had a very busy day today at Tiny Stitches. I guess now that now that school has started or is going to start this week depending on where you are in Georgia, people are starting to think more about quilting again. We had several people in from out of town that come once a year or so. It is nice that we are close enough to a major north/south highway (I75) that we get a lot of travelers.

I took the first dog quilt block into and it got a lot of interest. I hope to work on the next one this week.

I find it hard to believe that school starts at the beginning of August here in Georgia. When I was going to school in California, we started the week after Labor Day. Here they will be in school for a month or more by then. Also, it is so hot here and miserable for the kids. There must be some reason for it that I just don't understand.

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