Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Big Chicken and Little Chicken

You may not have heard of the Big Chicken but if you live in Marietta, Georgia you know about it because so many directions are given like "two blocks west of the Big Chicken" or go past the Big Chicken and turn right.

What is the big Chicken? Here it is.

It started life as a diner but has been a KFC since we have lived here. The Big Chicken sounds kind of exciting. It might not be exciting but it at least is fun. At Tiny Stitches our beginning paper piecing class is the Big Chicken.

I read in the paper yesterday that there are now little chickens around the downtown area. Here is a copy of the ones that were in the paper.

Here are 3 more. According to the article there are a couple more in process of being finished. They will be around until October so I definitely plan on going down and taking pictures of them.

Sandy Springs had turtles a few years ago. I believe Chicago had cows. The chicken is a natural for Marietta, home of the Big Chicken.


  1. Rehoboth Beach, DE, had painted dolphins two different summers (a few years apart)...really neat and fun and then they were auctioned off so we can still get to see them in various places. I've been to Georgia and seen the big chicken, so I'll enjoy your photos of the little chickens, I'm sure.

  2. oh my gosh.
    no need to feel homesick, just come to your blog.


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