Thursday, August 28, 2008

Christmas Story Quilt Class

Here is the class from today. Mary Lou is in the center, next to Ray.

I finally got started on my quilt. Here is the basic tree and the start of some of the ornaments/presents/memories on the tree. Obviously it needs a lot more things on the tree, plus a border. I feel good that I got this much done. Danielle made the stocking for me.

Here is Mary Lou making Hoochy Mama blocks. She did a brief demo of the blocks for the border.

We went to the evening meeting tonight after dinner and Mary Lou showed a couple of quilts that I hadn't seen before. She has a wonderful Halloween quilt that we were not able to take photos of. I absolutely love it and hope she will have a pattern or book available soon.

I gave Mary Lou a Magic Wand today. She had a good time with it and took it to dinner with us. I think we are going to do a Magic Wand swap on her yahoo group - I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow is the regular guild meeting in the morning. We will have more wonderful story quilts to look at and be able to listen to Mary Lou telling us about creativity. I really love being in the guild and am so honored to be President this year. If you are ever in Georgia, please visit us. Our website is here.

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  1. You have got off to a good start with your Christmas Story Quilt. Looking forward to seeing it later when you have done more on it. Regards, Nessie


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