Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Starting our Garden Row Quilt

Today was the first day of our Row Quilt at Allatoona. We usually do a Block of the Month every year, using a book that everyone has to purchase. This year, we decided to do a row quilt instead. We voted on themes and the garden theme won. Many of us had wished for a beach or other theme but we went with the majority. We have 8 people who have agreed to design and teach a row. My turn is next month.

We were surprised to find that more then 30 people showed up for the kickoff this morning. The number will probably drop off over the months but it was a great start. This year we decided to actually make the row (or part of it) in class so everyone brought their sewing machines and we went to work. It turned out that the Senior Citizens monthly lunch was also being held in the community center and they didn't have enough seniors to eat all the lunch that had been prepared so they invited us to join them. We had chicken, mashed potatos, broccoli and toasted bread, along with sweet tea. It was a very nice surprise.

Each row will be 48 inches wide but may vary in height. Today's row consists of 8 6-inch blocks. As an option, Tina suggested that we might want to have the butterflies not all in an even row so I added 2 inches to the top or bottom of each of my finished butterflies.

Each person is selecting their own fabric to use. Tina is going to make her quilt using 30's fabric. Her row is at the bottom of this post. Most people followed her lead and selected a single blue for the background. I decided to make my backgrounds scrappy and used 4 different black and white prints. For the butterflies, I used bright scraps.

Here is Lisa's row - she has a big collection of batiks and is going to use them for her quilt.

Last is the rows that Tina put together as teaching samples. She used a solid blue background and a large variety of 30's prints for the butterflies.


  1. Love the variations in the butterflies. It will be a fun project to work on and to see evolve :)

  2. I love row quilts. I'm looking forward to watching your quilt develop!

  3. I found your blog by searching for a butterfly quilt block. I am looking for a butterfly block pattern for a row quilt that I am doing through my local quilt shop and this is just perfect! Love browsing through your blog! Do you have a pattern for the butterfly row or know where I can get one? Thanks so much.


I would love to hear from you. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you have a question.

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