Saturday, March 08, 2008

Carolina Crossroads Update

I have been very slow working on my Carolina Crossroads mystery from Bonnie Hunter. I took it to retreat and finished all the small blocks - 100 3-inch rail fence blocks, 100 3-inch purple and yellow nine-patch blocks, 80 3-inch purple, green and yellow nine-patch blocks, 40 corner blocks and 100 3-inch green and yellow quarter square triangle blocks.

Here is the way that block 1 will look. By the end of the retreat, I pieced two of the 16 blocks but have them all organized so that I can work on the rest of them. I actually think I will be able to get this quilt put together before Bonnie starts the next mystery.


  1. Yeah - congrats on getting all the little blocks done. That is the really time consuming bit, so things should come together quickly now. Love your colour scheme :)
    Bargello looks great too :)

  2. I love your colours Melinda...very beautiful!

  3. Love your mysteries! I haven't jumped in yet because I want to get my UFOs done. I have the 4th of the year almost done and have the next big one already planned for the quilting design. Watch for me in July! I think I should be ready by then.


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