Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making Pillowcases for my Grandchildren

During the pillowcase class yesterday, I made 5 pillowcases. I made two standard sized pillowcases and three small travel sized ones. The grandchildren who live in Sweden use a different sort of pillowcase but I think the travel sized ones will be useful. On the other hand, Emilio (who lives in San Francisco) has his big boy bed and I want to make at least one pillowcase for him each month.

I used children's party fabric to make this pillowcase. We sell pillowcase kits and this was one of them. It will stay in the shop for a few months since his birthday isn't until July.

He also loves trains so here is a train pillowcase I made for him.

Hanna is seven so I thought she might like a girly travel pillow and pillowcase. I love the flowers and the stripe flange on this one.

I tried to use the store pattern to make the travel pillowcases but found that the measurements were too large for the little pillows. It was kind of like the three bears. The first one was too big but when I tried to cut it down, it was too small. The pillow fit into it but it was hard to get it in. The third time, I got the measurements right and the airplane/suitcase is for Noah in Sweden. I am changing the store pattern to reflect the new measurements.

I have one for Emilio just like this one (his is the too small one). Since the boys are only 1 month apart, it is easy to make two the same for them. I would like to make at least one more for each of the three before I mail them off. I think these will be fun for them to take in the car and on airplanes.

I also have one more regular pillowcase for Emilo - the hungry caterpillar. I need to find out if he has the book so I can go buy it for him if he doesn't already have it. This must be a newer book because I don't remember it from long ago when my two were learning to read.


  1. I love all the pillowcases--and your new banner too.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pillowcases! I'm visiting the blogs of the quilters at 4 Seasons since this is my first time being involved. I enjoyed seeing your work.

  3. What adorable pillowcases. I'm sure everyone will love them.

  4. I love the new look of your blog! Its nice to see 'you' on the page, great picture! The pillow cases are all so pretty. I have have that pattern and have made several my self. It's a great pattern!


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