Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Perfect Pillowcase Class

I taught a pillowcase class today - actually two classes. Making pillowcases is fun and easy but the hot dog method and french seams. This makes pillowcases with completely enclosed seams. They are so nice and make wonderful gifts.

These two pillowcases were made with the same base fabric, small flange or accent and different fabrics on the end. The flowers are for her and the geometric fabric is for her husband.

These were matching pillowcases made for the daughter of the maker who is moving to Arizona. It was a nice way for her to come to grips with her daughter moving away, knowing that she was sending some of her love to the new home.

Last was a pair of pillowcases for the bedroom. She combined plaid and floral to make a lovely pair of pillowcases.

Since these were small classes, I had time to make some of my own as a demonstration. Will do another post to show them.


  1. Wonderful pillowcases, what pattern do you use? I need to make some for my grandchildren.


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