Monday, March 10, 2008

Murder Mystery at Red Top Mountain

Well, the retreat was wonderful. The murder theme was great and we had a good time trying to figure out who did it.

As you can see from the above "rap sheet", it turns out that the murderer was me! We got clues on the first day - both for the mystery quilt and the murder. The second day we received the final block instructions for the mystery quilt and more clues for the murder.

No one guessed the correct murderer that day so everyone was given a second chance to guess. Five people guessed correctly, including me. One of the final clues was about a book and I saw the book at a work station and opened it to find my initials. My guess read: I am certainly not confessing but I think that perhaps I did it. Since five people guessed correctly, one name was drawn to win the prize, which was the mystery quilt sample. Unfortunately for me, Michelle won.

My rap sheet reads as follows:

1979: Illicit use of polyester fabric in a quilt. Convicted. Served 2 months probation
1982: Didn't prewash fabric in red and white quilt. Convicted. Sentenced to 4 months hard labor remaking quilt.
1991: Failure to press to the dark. Convicted. Sentenced to 2 months probation and ordered to buy new iron.
1996: Overpinned pieces/broke 5 consecutive needles. Convicted. Sentenced to time served.
2008: Charged with 1st degree murder of Polly Pureseams - pending trial.

Dave did a great job on the mystery and the retreat was even better than last year. I will post a few photos of the mystery quilts being made in a later post.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I can't imagine the fun you had. I'm also very envious of the creative mind(s) behind the Murder Mystery project. Must have taken a fair bit of work to put it together.
    -Canadian Gail

  2. How fun, this sounds like a mystery that even I may have liked!

  3. The mystery weekend sounds like so much fun.


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