Saturday, March 01, 2008

Atlanta Shop Hop

We are currently having the Atlanta Shop Hop and each shop created a quilt block and then each shop made a quilt using the blocks from all the shops. The theme of the shop hop is Cruising into Spring. We had special fabric created by Hoffman for the shops and they are all sea/ocean related. What that has to do with Atlanta, I don't know but anyway, we had a bunch of somewhat unrelated quilt blocks to put together.

We decided to make them in bright kid prints and the quilt really turned out great. We used white with colored polka dots for the background of all the blocks and lots of different brights. Each of us made a couple of the blocks, bordered them with even more bright fabrics and then simply sewed them together. At this point, the quilt was 48 inches square and we decided it was large enough. We got striped minkee for the back and I quilted it.

There are 13 blocks, one from each shop. Because it is impossible to make a quilt using 13 blocks, we added an additional 3 blocks to bring the total to 16. I made the rail fence block and then the four patch. We then added a crab to the middle of the four patch to jazz it up.

The block that Tiny Stitches designed was the seahorse block. We represent Hawaii as our cruise destination so we did a Hawaiian Applique like block.
In making the quilt, we used fusible web and then I quilted fairly tightly over it. We did not sew around the applique, just quilted it on.

I think it turned out great and many of the people coming through today said it was their favorite shop hop quilt.

Here is a close up of our block.

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