Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiwi Zinger Update and Limo Photos

I finished all the blocks for my Kiwi Zinger this morning.  I took the blocks and a flannel backed tablecloth into the shop today and Barb laid them out for me.  I was planning on doing it but we had an extremely busy day and Barb was teaching a small class so she had time.

I moved a couple of blocks around to make sure the like selvages were not too close together and folded it up into the tablecloth and brought it home.  I hope to get the blocks sewn together tomorrow and will post another photo then.

I forgot that Michelle sent me pictures from the Mary Jo’s trip so thought I would post them.  We had a great time – can’t you tell?

0509 mary Jo 003 


0509 mary Jo 002

0509 On the Way

0509 mary Jo 004


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