Monday, May 25, 2009

Market Bag

I found a new pattern at the shop yesterday.  I forgot that I had asked to get the QuiltSmart Market Bag.  It comes with interfacing for two bags.  I brought the fabric and pattern home last night and decided to make one this morning.

Here is the pattern cover -


The bag on the left is made from some Dick and Jane fabric that we still have.  I brought home a yard and it turned into this.

0509 Market Bag

I like how it turned out but the pattern wasn’t the easiest that I ever made.  The next one will be easy but I did have a problem understanding the directions on the first one.  It isn’t as large as I thought either but is a nice little bag.

The pattern has two pockets but also has an extra small one.  I couldn’t see anywhere where it said to put the small one on so I put it on the side.  It is the size for a cell phone.  I read the pattern several times but couldn’t figure it out.

Anyway the pattern pack has enough interfacing to make two bags so I am going to make another one for me.  The first one is in the shop as a sample.


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