Monday, May 04, 2009

Friendship Stars – Beginning Machine Quilting Class

We had another great week at the Beginning Machine Quilting class last week.  They worked on half square triangles for the first time and did some friendship blocks.

We tried different ways of making half square triangles.  First we cut squares that were 7/8 inch larger than the finished square.  We then cut them in half diagonally and sewed the triangles together.  One student liked this method because she doesn’t have a 1/4 inch foot and measures her seam using a piece of tape we put on her machine.

Next we tried the same sized squares but drew a line diagonally and sewed 1/4 inch on each side of the line.  We then cut them and some of them measured correctly and some didn’t.

Next we added 1 inch instead of 7/8 and did the same thing.  They then learned how to use their 6 1/2 inch ruler to square up the blocks.  This seemed to work out best for one of them.  I like this method myself but really do hate all the squaring up.  I guess it is worth it to have them the right size though.



Above are the blocks the girls made.  How do you make half square triangles?


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