Friday, September 12, 2008

Purse Club

Sorry I am been missing for a few days. They have been a very busy few days.
Bill's sister Kim and her husband Tom came to visit from Missouri. They had been to Memphis to see Graceland. Tom is a BIG fan of Elvis. When they left here this morning they headed to the County Music Museum in Nashville before going home.

Bill has two sisters and two brothers, all of them live in Missouri so we are far enough away that we rarely get the opportunity to see them so it is a real treat for us to be able to have them here in the Atlanta area.

Kim is also a quilter so she went to the quilt shop with me both nights while I taught. Last night was purse class. I have been teaching this for the past several months but last night was the largest class ever. This class is a little different from most we teach since there is not a particular project that everyone makes. I allow them to bring the fabric and pattern for any purse and I help them make it.

Usually, I have had 4-5 people but last night there were 9 including Kim. Busy, busy, busy. The first project shown is the one that Kim made.

We modified the beach tote pattern to make it a little larger. Kim selected the blue screening from my dwindling supply of colored screen. She then found this cute dog fabric in my fabric closet and then decided to use the lime green webbing. It really turned out cute.

Anne made this one - not quite completed but she got a lot done on it. I love the little side pockets.
Karen was making a backpack for her granddaughter. She got it cut out and started quilting it.

Next is Marianne's tote bag. It is a simple bag sewn on to the round handles. She added pockets on the inside. She was able to finish her bag and left with all of her stuff in the completed bag. I would like to make one like this.

We actually had two Marianne's in the class yesterday. This is the bag that the other Marianne made. It isn't finished but she doesn't have much more to finish it.

I didn't get photos of the other projects but they were also very nice. I will try to get photos when they bring them into the shop.

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