Thursday, September 04, 2008

Apron Swap Sent

I got my swap apron sent to my partner today. I hope she likes it. It is made from the "Clothespin Apron" pattern by Mary Mulari. I have made a couple of other aprons from her patterns. I especially like the "Church Ladies" apron also.

Part of the package was to make a hot pad/pot holder to match the apron. I used insulabrite and made the hot pad. I quilted each side to insulabrite and then joined the two together. I added a hanger on the top of it from the same ribbon that I used for the apron strings.

The other item we were to include in the package was a favorite pie recipe. I really don't have a favorite pie - I usually buy a pie or cook a frozen one. I got my Mother's old recipe box out and found a recipe for strawberry pie that I remember. Mother was not a very good cook but she did have a few good recipes. I know that most people think their Mothers were great cooks but that was not the case for my Mother. She had other talents but cooking was not one of them. The recipe was hand written on a calendar page from 1952.

I hope my partner enjoys the package.


  1. My mother was a horrible cook. She couls ruin a frozen pizza by adding sliced hot dogs to it...

  2. And she did! I love it. Can't wait to cook something in it... or sew something while wearing it.


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