Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gift in the mail from my sister

I got a fat envelope in the mail today from my sister Robin. I wasn't expecting anything but she always sends good stuff so I was excited to see her return address.

I opened up the envelope and this is what was inside. It was all neatly folded up, ready to go into my purse.

Here it is opened up. A great shopping bag to carry with me. I have had one that I clip to my purse but this one is much cuter. Both of us have a bad disease of attraction to bags of any kind and unfortunately, rather than helping each other cure the disease, we fuel each other's passion for bags - big bags, little bags and in between size bags. Any way, I love it. She also sent the pattern to make more!

It easily folds back up after using it and goes back into my purse for the next shopping trip. I actually used it today when I stopped by Tiny Stitches to put together some kits and couldn't pass up the fat quarters for only $1.50 each. I got a few and popped them into my bag and felt quite "green". I always use my reusuable bags at the grocery store but sometimes forget when I go to a non-food store.


  1. What an adorable bag. I too have switched to fabric bags, but I just keep them in the back of the car so they are handy.

  2. What a neat little bag! I visited your sister's website and bought some patterns, but didn't see one for this bag. LOVE the fabrics she used!


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