Saturday, December 08, 2007

Guacamole Quilt Update

I taught the last class of the Guacamole quilt this week. Only three of the students were able to attend the last classes. Here is the first quilt with all the blocks waiting to be put together.
Next is one of the quilts from the night class.

And here is one more quilt from the night class.

All the quilts were made from the same fabrics but since the kaleidoscopes are different, the quilts are very different. It is so much fun to make quilts like this with other people. The quilts turn out "exactly the same only different" which is how my sister and I frequently make quilts. We use the same fabrics and pattern but end up with them looking very different because of the fabric placement.

Several years ago, we made Hidden Wells quilts. We used exactly the same fabrics but the quilts look completely different because of the fabric placement. Each of our daughters have these quilts and I sleep under the one I made when I go to San Francisco.

I have been quilting a lot this last week and have finished several customer quilts. Still have a few more to do before I leave for California a week from Monday. I will spend a week there with my daughter and grandson and will come home on the 23rd so I can be here for Christmas with Bill and the little doggies.

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