Friday, December 14, 2007

Another President's Quilt

We had our Christmas Party and elections at ECQG today. I am now the President and am really excited about the next year. We had a very financially successful quilt show this last year and because of it, we are able to afford even more national speakers than we have ever had before. There are a large variety of techniques, and quilting topics that we will have access to. I have already signed up for workshops with Beth Ferrier in January and Bonnie Hunter in February.
Here is Libby, the 2007 President with the quilt we made for her. As First Vice President, I was responsible for getting this made for her. Since Libby and I have very different, almost opposite, fabric preferences, it was hard for me to select a pattern and fabrics for her quilt. I talked to people who know her better than I do and they helped me decide on a simple square in a square in her favorite red and gold civil war colors. I purchased a yard of a sample fabric in each color and cut it up so that each person would have a sample to work with, even though they would actually use their own fabrics. We got quite a collection of fabrics and they all look great together.

I printed off a paper piecing pattern for the block from EQ6 and attached the fabric to it. I asked each person to make two blocks - one with red corners and gold center and one with gold corners and red in the center. They were to sign one of the blocks in the gold.

We then had a sew-in to put the top together and I quilted it and bound it. Danielle made a great label for it.

As you can see, Libby loved the quilt. We finally got it away from her for a little while and put it on a table, with pens so that anyone who had not signed a blocks could do so. I quilted it with a simple continuous curve which seems to suit the look of the quilt.

We had a great potluck lunch and a gift exchange that almost everyone participated in. The budget was approved and the slate of officers was elected so we had a wonderful time.


  1. I love Libby's quilt - you did a nice job. How nice that you'll have Bonnie as a speaker.

  2. I love that quilt it's beautiful!

  3. The red and yellow quilt is fun and just shows how great simple patterns can look.


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