Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

I signed up for an ornament exchange on Mary Lou Weidman's Yahoo group and was assigned to exchange ornaments with Mary Lou herself. I found a cute ornament to send her and got my package from her today. Look what was in my package.

Isn't she just about the cutest ornament you have ever seen. I love her! We decided not to put up our tree this year because I will be out of town the week before Christmas and not come back until the 23rd. I have it hanging on a lamp so I can admire it all the time.

Also in the package was this wonderful glittery poinsettia. It is also very nice and will look great on the tree next year. In addition to the ornaments, she included two bags of candy. One is sour Jelly Belly's and the other is very cute petite mints. Yummy!

Mary Lou is scheduled to visit the ECQG next year and I am really excited about meeting her and taking at least one workshop. Check out her website and blog to see all the fun projects she has.

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  1. What fun to see your wonderful wonderful blog! Great color and fun stories. I am so happy you took a photo of that silly little snowlady...I loved her.Isn't it fun to have something around that makes you smile or giggle everytime you see it?
    I'll be back to visit often!
    Mary Lou


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